Lacquer Standard Colours

Lacquer Colours Real Wood Veneer

Chantilly Lace Stonington Gray Kendall Charcoal

Carbon Copy

Oxford Gray Van Deusen Blue Starry Night Blue Savannah Green
Southern Comfort Cinnamon


Custom Colours

You can have any Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams colour that you want but when you choose a custom colour, we ask that you buy the Custom Paint too ($150 for 5 gallons).

5 gallons is a lot of paint so you only have to buy the paint once no matter how many custom colour Bestå or Floating Shelf products you order. And if you want what's left over of your custom paint for future use or other projects that's fine.

When you select Custom Colour you'll pay the same price as the standard colour but the Custom Paint will be auto-added to your Cart too. You just need to tell us colour code for your custom colour in the Cart Notes.

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