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Floating Wall Shelves - Wood Veneer

Floating Wall Shelves - Wood Veneer

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Floating shelves that attach to your wall like magic.

Choose from 4 Real Wood Veneer finishes and 8 different widths. Perfect for kitchens, bathrooms and home bars and designed to match your IKEA units perfectly.

Also available in Lacquer Colours

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Floating Shelf FAQs

How do I install it?

Installation is easy! We use the HOVR bracket system - see for more information on how these work

How much weight can it support?

Up to 300lbs each shelf!

Can I attach it to any kind of wall?

Yes, thanks to the HOVR bracket system our floating shelves can be placed everywhere in your home

Are shelves moisture resistant?

Yes, so you can use them in bathrooms too. Just make sure to wipe up any sitting water from the surface of the shelf

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